Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home again

Returned home from Palm Springs to glorious rain in the San Joaquin valley.  We spent the last week laying around the pool in 80 degree weather.  We played some beautiful golf courses in Palm Springs.  My favorite was Rancho Mirage Country Club.  You cannot believe how many Canadians come to Palm Springs to live during the winter months.  They fly their Canadian flags in the campgrounds.  They aren't the only Canadians down there, the geese are everywhere.  We spent a week in a campground called Wilderness Lakes in Menifee.  When we got to the campground we found a wonderful campsite that we could just pull the trailer in (for all of you that don't have trailers, backing up into a campsite is an experience which is usually followed by a lot of yelling at the wife guiding the husband in and then followed by a stiff shot of brandy).  All went well until the second day we were there,  the sky opened up and rained continuously on us for around 10 hours.  We woke up the next morning and the trailer was sitting in the middle of a lake.  I looked out and geese were swimming by.  I now know why no one took that primo camping spot.  We renamed our trailer the ARK. 

That's all folks until our next adventure.  The vagabonds are happy to be home.