Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just returned from a glorious vacation at Irish Beach on the Mendocino Coast.  This is an annual vacation I take with two of my high school classmates.  We stay at a house overlooking the rugged Mendocino coast.  Five wonderful days with no obligations other than to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.  We did get into some competitive mexican domino games though.  Here are some pictures of deer grazing in our front yard.

   Every morning we would go down to the beach and walk and enjoy the sounds and smells of the ocean.  First day we went to the quaint town of Mendocino, shopped until we dropped and had a wonderful lunch at the Mendocino hotel.  The food was great and not too pricey.  Here is a picture of a house with the most beautiful garden

  We then went into Fort Bragg  and this is a picture of my friends walking across the newly restored tressel.

The next day we went into Point Arena to a little bakery in the middle of town called "Frannies".  It's only open Wed thru Sunday.  The bakery is a small family run operation and the pastries are to die for.  Be sure and try their bacon slipper and lemon and berry slipper.  You will never again pass through this town again without stopping at this bakery.  We spent the rest of the day laying on the beach.  This was the most beautiful weather we have ever experienced at Irish Beach.  There was a mother seal and two pups playing in the surf.  It was so sunny we even got sunburned.

  The next day we made a special trip to Little River Inn for lunch and were very dissappointed to find they only serve brunch on Sunday and open for dinner.  Last year we had lunch there and the food was fabulous.  I did take lots of pictures of the Inn and the beautiful flowers.  The rhodedendrums are in full bloom right now and spectacular.

  We stopped at a little Inn called the Harbor House and I took pictures of the rooms and the unbelievable view from the rooms.  If you every want a romantic place to stay, this is the ultimate place.  All the rooms have a fireplace and decks overlooking the ocean.  The price includes gourmet dinner and breakfast.

 Just one more picture to describe the beauty of the Northern California Coast

 Happy Blogging.