Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A week in paradise......Kauai

Just returned from an amazing week in Kauai at the Kauai Beach Villas in Lihue.  Normally a week in Kauai would be awsome but it's pretty hard to follow the week in Cabo at the Monte Cristo Estates.  The weather was less than desirable but we still managed to get in beach time and all in all it was a very relaxing vacation.  The beach villas were the usual tropical decor but had all the amenities, ie. full kitchen, washer and dryer, free internet, etc.

If you have ever been to Kauai you know about the chickens.  The chicken is the Kauia National Bird, they're everywhere, they're everywhere.  When Hurrican Iniki hit Kauai all of the chickens were released to run wild on the island.  As they have no natural predators, they have thrived.  Here is a picture of our resident chicken, Eddie
He would wake us up every morning at 6AM.  Now you may be wondering if these chickens are good eating and here is a recipe for cooking these chickens.  You put a chicken in a pot of boiling water and in another pot of boiling water you put a rock.  When you can stick a fork into the rock you know the chicken is almost done.    Here are some more pictures of the resort.

Here is a picture of the beach at the resort
We had very high winds this week and huge waves, most of the beaches were shut down because of the treacherous surf.  We did go to our favorite beach though, Anini Beach on the North Shore, great snockeling beach.
Basically we ate our way through Kauai, some of our Favorite eateries are the Shrimp Station (they have a new location in Kapaa), the Puka Dog place in Poipu (an increible polish dog inserted in a bun with mango or coconut sauce and many other variations, yum.  Also our new favorite the Mermaid in Kapaa for stir fry.  Buy one and share as they are huge.
Wyndham time shares have a new program similar to Pueblo Bonito Premier and offers lots of last minute deals at great prices/ Very tempting but we are very happy with our program.  We stayed at their beautiful resort for $99 for the whole week.  Can't beat that.
Just a few more pictures of the resort

Til next time, happy blogging.  Life is wonderful....................Bev