Thursday, July 5, 2012

John and I recently spent the night on the Delta King Paddelboat in Old Sacramento to celebrate our birthdays.  I have had dinner on this boat previously but have never spent the night.  This was one of my good deals I found on  We got one nights lodging, bottle of wine upon arrival, full breakfast the next morning and free wine tasting at 8 wineries at the Sugar Mill.  Total cost was $99.  We had a wonderful dinner that night and free dessert as it was my birthday.  This 285 foot riverboat has so much history.  It was christened on May 20, 1927 and began daily voyages between Sacramento and San Francisco.  It was a 10 hour trip that included prohibition era drinking, jazz bands, gambling and fine dining.  A stateroom was $3.50 but for a dollar and "your own blanket" the night could be spent on the Cargo Deck.
During WWII the Delta King was drafted into the U.S.Navy and served as net tenders , floating barracks, troop transports and hospital ship.  In 1984 after partially submerged for 15 months in San Francisco Bay, the Delta King was towed to Old Sacramento where it underwent complete renovation.  Five years later it opened to reign, once again, as the heralded monarch of the Sacramento River.  The original 88 staterooms now number 44 larger rooms.  Don't mean to bore you locals, but my readers around the world might like some background.  I tried to look at Old Sacramento as if I were a tourist seeing it for the first time.  It really is pretty neat with it's cobblestone streets, wood plank sidewalks, and great old buildings.  Here are some of the pictures I hope you will enjoy.

All in all it was a very memorable birthday.  It's kind of fun to act as a tourist in your own backyard.  Happy Fourth of July everyone.  Next trip David Whalley's Resort in Carson City, Nevada.  Stay tuned.