Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sedona, arizona

Just got back from a three week trip to Sedona.  We went to Arizona to avoid the valley fog in Northern California and the cold weather.  Turned out the weather in California was warmer than Sedona.  Go figure.

First stop was a lovely resort called Highlands Resort at Verde Ridge.  It's located right on the golf course Verde Santa Fe.  Here are a few pictures of the resort.

   We made the mistake of taking Historic 89A the last time we visited Sedona, my advice, don't every do it, this T shirt tells it like it is.  Here is another cute shirt I just couldn't resist taking a picture.l

On to our next stop.  We stayed the second week at the Sedona Summit Resort.  This was a beautiful resort with views of the red mountains surrounding the resort.  It's impossible to describe the beauty of the mountains in Sedona but I will show you some of the pictures.  I tried to capture a sunset and finally took this one.  (I waited an hour an a half for the sun to set just right so the mountain would glow from the sun).
Here are some pictures of the resort

We golfed several times while we were there but the most memorable was called Seven Canyons.  It used to be a private country club in a exclusive gated community but they opened it to the public a year ago.  When we went through the gate I thought they were going to strip search us.  We were told to go one block and someone would greet us in a golf cart and take us to the pro shop.  No driving around in the community. It was well worth the trip,  My golf game sucked but the pictures were dynamite. 

We came across a herd of what I thought were wild pigs on the golf course.  We were told they were "Javelinas" which really are not part of the pig family.  The guy we were golfing with told us they were real tame so I went up close to get a picture (remember the donkey feeding story, I'm not allowed to get near wild animals now)  Anyway I took the pictures and as we were leaving the guard at the gate told us they have very sharp tusks and if they get alarmed they will charge you and the tusks can cut through a quarter inch leather.  Gees.....I lucked out this time.  
Well on to our final destination in Sedona, "Los Abrigatos Spa and Resort"  This resort is located on the site of the first hotel in Sedona in 1902.  It is very quaint and it really is a "Spa"  They had a huge exercise room and gave free classes in Yoga, Zumba Dance, Pilates and Body Sculpting.  This is the first resort I ever stayed at that offered these amenities.   We took advantage of the Exercise rooms at all three resorts and I'm pleased to say I gained three pounds on this trip, there is no justice.  Here are some pictures of this resort.

  I kept hearing about things called "vortex's" in Sedona, so my curiosity got the better of me and I read up on this.  The closest explanation I came up with is......There are certain places in Sedona that are considered vortex's because when you are near them they release energy and make you feel like your spirit is renewed and you have a sense of well-being just being around them.  People travel there from all over the world just to experience this rejuvenation.  It is pretty awe inspiring to gaze on these beautiful red mountains.

We were sad to leave Sedona but it's good to be home again.  Well, I hope you enjoyed my visit and keep in touch, you never know where we'll show up next.