Sunday, February 20, 2011

Palm springs follies

One more picture from the AT&T

 On to Palm Springs

My friend Shirley told me to be sure to see the Palm Springs Follies and she was right, it was excellent.  Leslie Gore was the headliner.  This is the 20th year of the follies and they were spectacular.  The youngest person in the follies was 62 and the oldest 76.  You would not believe how beautiful the girls were.  They were all about six feet tall with 4 foot legs.  These pictures do not do them justice.  I can't use old as an excuse anymore for my body falling apart.  Hey, they were all Vegas dancers and Broadway stars at one time.  What can I say

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I took them off of the program.

 LESLIE GORE (Sorry I couldn't figure out how to rotate picture)
Her famous song was "It's my party and I"ll cry if I want to"  (Boy that's really dating me)
 If you are ever in Palm Springs be sure to go to the Street fair at the College of the Desert on Saturday or Sunday.  It's the mother of all flea markets.


Sunday, February 13, 2011


John and I just finished our four day stint as marshals for the AT&T Pro-Am golf tournament at Pebble Beach.  In case you don't know what marshals are, they are the funny looking people in white knickers and red argyle socks and red jackets that take care of crowd control around the greens and look for balls on the fairways that are hit out of bounds.  We've been doing this for 5 years and by the end of the fourth day I swear I will never come back but by the next year I forget how exhausting it is standing on your feet for 8 hour/day four days in a row.

We do get some good perks doing this tournament..  On the Wednesday before the tournament we get a fabulous dinner at the Marriott in Monterey and the movie stars and entertainers put on a 2 hour show for us.  Some of the stars this year were Kenny G, Michael Bolton, Tom Dressen, Ray Romano, Clay Walker,John O'Hurley,George Lopez.
In previous years we have seen Glenn Frey from the Eagles, Kevin Costner and his band, Kevin James and Huey Lewis.

Two of my funny stories this year are, when Kevin Costner came to the tee box on Hole 11 on Monterey Peninsula GC, he had on these really spiffy two-tone brown suede shoes.  On of the spectators asked him what kind of shoes they were.  His reply was "I don't know, they're not mine" Whats up with that.......

Years ago Kenny G recorded a song called "Baby G".  I doubt if any of you have ever heard of the song but my husband downloaded the song from I-Tunes and he really liked it.  I don't think it ever was on any of his albums.  Anyway, when Kenny came up to the tee box my husband asked him to consider playing this song next year.  John then told four other marshals to ask him the same thing whenever they saw him on the course.
By the fourth day Kenny just shook his head in confusion every time one of the marshals would ask him this.
Just my husbands weird sense of humor and his way of messing with Kenny.

One of the funniest guys in the tournament has to be George Lopez.  After he hit his shot on #11 he turned around to the crowd and asked" Did anyone see where that went?"  He then pretended to be blind and hold onto his caddy to walk off the tee box.

Another odd fact I found out.  You probably have seen the wild pants that John Daly wears, really wild colors and patterns.  I found out he designs his own pants and his wife wears the same pants on the same day he does.  I saw her earlier in the day and thought to myself, that's a real pretty girl but boy does she have bad taste in pants.  Also he always has an armed guard follow him around the course (packs a gun and all).  I was told it's probably because he has so many ex-wifes that probably want to off him.

On Friday night we always have a party in the Volunteer Tent, they feed us and all the drinks are free.  After two or ten drinks I forgot how sore my body was from standing all day.  Clay Walker brought his band and played for us.  Chris Berman (ESPN) and Chris O'Donnell  (NCIS Los Angeles) joined him to entertain us.  Jeff Maggert also showed up.  Berman did a great rendition of Hotel California.  O'Donnell is a great Jimmy Buffett fan and also John Denver (go figure).

I was really bored on the fairway on #12 at MPCC on Friday and ten deer were playing right behind me so I took pictures with my illegal camera that I wasn't supposed to have with me.  I was a little leery to get too close after my encounter with the wild donkeys, and I sure as hell didn't feed them carrots.

I also saw a huge grey whale cruising by.  The views on 17 mile drive are breathtaking.  We had the most beautiful weather I have ever seen for the tournament.  Usually we freeze our arses off.

We got to see some great golf and I swear I'm not going to do this next year