Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last Christmas our family decided to give gift certificates for services to stimulate the local economy.  My daughter and son-in-law gave us a gift certificate to have a gourmet lunch on the Napa Wine Train.  We waited to use the certificate when the vineyards were at there peak beauty and the weather was warmer.
We took our RV to Canyon Creek Campground on Putah Creek next to Lake Berryessa for several days.  We have had a membership to this particular campground for 27 years but never seem to have time to go there.  They have two swimming pools and a spa, rental cabins, and children's playground.  Nice place, but no computer, telephone or TV service (which might appeal to some people).  We do set up our satelite dish and get pretty good reception (John won't go 24 hours without TV).
This seemed like a good time to use our Wine Train Lunch, so we made reservations.
When you arrive at the train station, they start you with free wine tasting (yum)

We elected to have the second seating for lunch on the train so we were escorted to the Club Car for appetizers  and wine prior to lunch.  The food was excellent and so was the wine.  Here is the Club Car
 The servers in the club car were very knowledgeable about the local wineries we passed and told some great stories.  One of the wineries was featured in the movie "Bottle Shock" (sorry I can't remember the name of the winery) early alzheimers......??????
The trip takes around three hours and goes through Napa, Yountville, St. Helena  and Calistoga.  Very beautiful scenery.
After our appetizers we decided to go to the wine tasting car. We met Mike Delacy (wine educator)and he poured our wine.  I told him I was going to take his picture for my blog and he protested that he doesn't do pictures as you can see by the first picture.
 I told him I was going to do it anyway so he might as well pose nicely and he agreed and wanted me to send him my post.  Here it is Mike.  See it is a good picture.
After the wine tasting we went into the dining car for our gourmet lunch.  I had the pork tenderloin with a wine reduction sauce and roasted veggies.  The food was amazing and the service impeccable.  I would really recommend doing the wine train.
 I did take a little peek at the kitchen.
The train cars were decorated with great paintings on the walls.

All in all it was a great experience, I would really recommend it.  Thanks John and Karen for the amazing Christmas present.

This fall we are taking a five week trip to Europe and two cruises, one of the Greek Islands and the second a 16 day transatlantic cruise from Rome to Galveston.  I will have lots of pictures and stories to post. stay tuned.