Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Spent a fantastic week in Kauai with good friends Charmion and John.  I wanted to show Char some giant sea turtles so we went to the Point at Poipu Resort and walked out to the ocean and here is a picture of a sea turtle
We had stayed at this lovely resort a few years back and I was so happy to see the turtles are still there.  Just a little tip about sea turtles, don't go snorkeling around sea turtles as they are the favorite food of tiger sharks.
The resort landscaping is superb including these koi fish ponds.

I'm going to show you some highlight pictures from our trip.  We spent a day going up to Waimea canyon.  It is a must for any visitors to Kauai.  We were very fortunate the sun was shining when we got to the top and we got some wonderful views of the Napoli Coast.

 Usually it's foggy and you can't see the coast.  We got some excellent pictures of the Canyon.

The guys went golfing for several days and Char and I explored the Island.  She is an avid bird watcher and always wanted to see a "Red Footed Boobie" , so we went to the Lighthouse in search of the elusive boobie.
We couldn't get pictures of them flying but these are red footed boobies.

We continued on to my favorite beach in Kauai... :Anini Beach.  This is on the road to Princeville and kind of difficult to find (ask a local for directions)/

If you continue on towards Hanalei Bay and go to the end of the road there is a great snorkeling beach.
This is a view from that beach looking down the Napoli coast.
Back down on the southern part of Kauai is the spouting horn, great place to shop for Hawaiian jewelry and soveneirs.
While you are down there be sure to stop in the shopping center at Poipu and get a puka dog.  I promise you  won't be dissappointed. The dog is inserted in a bun with various delicious sauces, coconut, papaya, mango, etc.
Here are some waterfalls that were memorable.
We also went on a riverboat trip up the Wailua River to the fern grotto.  I think this is one of the best bargains in Kauai.  When we got to the grotto Hawaiian dancers performed for us, very beautiful
Of course no trip to Kauai is complete without mentioning the Kauai National Bird

It was a very memorable trip with great company.  Next trip Sedona, Arizona

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